Current Projects


  • special issue Pirates in English Literature and Culture, vol. 2 (Humanities, with Manushag N. Powell, Purdue University)

The issue seeks to explore and interrogate similarities and differences in how pirates and piracy are represented across historical periods and in different cultural narratives. “English” literature is interpreted capaciously, to include works of translation and works that engage issues of cultural and linguistic transmission. Comparative treatments of piracy and pirates are welcome, and articles on non-traditional literary forms are encouraged, including travel writing and the literature of exploration and trade.


  • international conference “Practices of Collaboration in Early Modern Theatre: Authors, Actors, Printers, Playhouses, and Their Texts” (with Lena Steveker, Université du Luxembourg)

Poster Practices of Collaboration

02-04 December 2021 (online)

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This international conference takes into view the intricate interplay of numerous agents in the early modern dramatic arena: authors and their respective playing companies, actors, printers, and playhouses. 21 speakers from Australia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, and the US will discuss a spectrum of collaborative practices between these various agents in the early modern dramatic arena. Situated at the intersection of literary studies, cultural studies, and early modern history, the conference aims to explore concepts of early modern collaboration and, consequently, of early modern authorship.

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Upcoming and Recent Conference Papers and Talks:

  • “Monstrous Growths: Mushrooms and Mexican Gothic.” The Big Read, Purdue University, 20 October 2022. [online]
  • (with Lena Steveker) Workshop “The Cultural Context and the Text – Romeo and Juliet.” Shakespeare-Studientag der Deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft / Shakespeare Study Day, German Shakespeare Association. University of Jena, October 2021; Université du Luxembourg, October 2022.
  • “Kollaborative Praktiken auf der frühneuzeitlichen Bühne: Autorschaft, Leserschaft, Wissenschaft?” Interdisziplinärer Workshop Kollektive Autorschaft, University of Kiel, 01 July 2022.
  • “The Posthuman in Fungal Gothic Fiction: Aliya Whiteley’s The Beauty (2018) and Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic (2020).” Posthuman Encounters: Desires, Fears, and the Uncanny, Saarland University, 19-20 May 2022.
  • (with Lena Steveker) “Introduction: Practices of Collaboration, Then and Now.” Practices of Collaboration in Early Modern Theatre: Authors, Actors, Printers, Playhouses, and Their Texts. Université du Luxembourg, Luxemburg / University of Passau, 02-04 December 2021.
  • “Thinking Collaboratively About Early Modern Forms of Collaboration.” Workshop Early Modern Studies, Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, 27-28 November 2021.
  • “Spectacular Madness? Masculinity and Mental Distress in Early Modern Revenge Plays.” The Cultural Heritage of Psychiatry and Its Literary Transformations, TU Dresden, 28-29 October 2021.
  • “Intercultural Contact, Maritime Law, and Generic Fluidity in Early Modern ‘Pirate’ Plays.” Conceptualizing Intercultural Contact in Early Modern Britain and Beyond, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, University of Bielefeld, 21 October 2021.

Work in Progress:

  • “Monstrous Growths? Mushrooms, Fungi, Spores and the Borders of the (Post)Human in Contemporary British Culture.” Journal for the Study of British Cultures 2022.1. [peer reviewed, accepted for publication]
  • (with Lena Frommer) “Von forschendem Lernen zu lehrendem Forschen? Das geisteswissenschaftliche Konferenzseminar als Brücke zwischen Forschung und Lehre.” Forschung und Lehre – Widerspruch oder Synergie? Hg. Jörg Noller et al. Cham: Springer. [Perspektiven der Hochschullehre Bd. 2] [peer reviewed, accepted for publication]
  • ed. (with Marcus Hartner): Practices and Narratives of Piracy: Connecting the Early Modern Seas. [collection of essays, peer reviewed]
  • “Setting the Stage: Transnational Piracy and the Ambiguity of Pirate Identity in the Stukeley Plays.” Practices and Narratives of Piracy: Connecting the Early Modern Seas, eds. Susanne Gruss and Marcus Hartner. [peer reviewed]
  • “‘Layers of History’: Haunting and Psychogeography in Michèle Roberts’s Neo-Victorian Pasts.” currently under review with English Studies [completed, under review].